Club News

Flower Arranging Committee– Led by Chairwoman Joan Miller, the Poppy Seed Project begins in March at the Regular General Meeting when the Club will participate in the sale of packets of poppy seeds of Flanders fields to commemorate the veterans of WW I and to help in the fundraising for the Centennial Committee’s building of the WW I Memorial in Washington, DC.

Update: This project was postponed until September because Covid 19 delayed our in-person meetings. We learned to Zoom on through this time and continue our programs and projects amid the difficulty of this time.

The seeds given in March by a member to help grow the Memorial.

First seed sale at our September meeting in a place of rest for those who served and whom we honor.

Horticulture Committee Planting Project– After the Regular General Meeting on March 17th the Loblolly Garden Club will gather at historic Oakdale Cemetery to plant the dogwood tree the club has purchased for the cemetery. This is part of this club’s ongoing efforts to replace so many trees lost in recent hurricanes that badly damaged this area. Update: We were able to get the tree planted in March but delayed by Covid 19 had to wait until Sept., 2020 for an outdoor regular general meeting to view together the new white dogwood placed there as an Arbor Day project.

Historic Oakdale Cemetery where the white dogwood tree is planted for Arbor Day. The flower of the tree is the official state flower for North Carolina.
The lovely winter berries of the Arbor Day dogwood tree signaling an equally lovely spring and a joy among our Loblolly Club members in the planting of trees in deserving historical areas of our city.

Horticulture and Birds, Butterflies and Wildlife CommitteesThese committees in November have subsequently planted a monarch butterfly garden to accompany the dogwood tree within the same garden at Oakdale Cemetery. The members researched native plants and provided these plants from their gardens that would attract monarchs and create a habitat for them to rear their young throughout their life cycles before the last generation of the species migrates south to Mexico.

Placement of native plants…
Heeling in the plants…
Adding more…
Admiring progress…
Providing mulch…
A job well done! And now we water and wait…

Garden Therapy Committee– Throughout the spring and summer of 2020 one member of the Club took pictures of her garden and created writings based on the inspiration of the plants and flowers and creatures there. She shared them daily online with friends, some in places of care, who found in them respite from the loneliness of the time which changed all of our lives. The member created two PowerPoints from the pictures and writings, The Secrets in the Garden and The Magical Monarch, Life Cycles in the Garden. She then gave both PowerPoints as a project to the Garden Therapy Committee to share with others of their choosing. The PowerPoints were also used for the November Club program presented by Zoom to the members when planned speakers could not meet with us because of Covid 19. The committee then began the process of sharing the PowerPoints on flash drives with nursing homes, individuals, churches, schools and others to bring hope and smiles. Unable to work with their usual groups due to Covid 19 activity directors and others may now work one-on-one with residents . Pictures below show the project at its beginning being shared at Trinity Grove nursing home here in Wilmington, NC. There are nine more of these gifts of the PowerPoints that will be shared. The PowerPoints will also be shared with the GCNC for their program file. Two of the club members are also compiling their own pictures of nature to share at Trinity Grove so that they may be set to music and used in the memory care unit to create a calming atmosphere.

The packaged gifts ready for delivery.

Contents of the packages that show their source and how to access and use the PowerPoint programs.

In the week before Thanksgiving Garden Therapy Chairwoman Carol Yee accompanied by members Elaine Gomperts and Barbara Lucas present the PowerPoint presentations to Activity Director Amanda Powell of Trinity Grove Nursing home. These files will be housed in a newly begun video library for the use of residents and recreational therapists who work with them. Additions of this type are most welcomed by the staff. Masked against Covid 19 the Loblollies continue the important work of our club.

Hospitality Committee- In lieu of the Club’s annual Christmas Tea in December and due to Covid 19 the Club gifted a Holiday Luncheon to the healthcare workers at Zimmer Cancer Center, New Hanover Regional Medical Center, Wilmington, NC. The Flower Committee also provided floral arrangements for this occasion.

Jeanne, Marie and Joan
work their wonders arranging flowers for the tables at Zimmer.
The beautiful bouquets ready for the luncheon while eighty staff members await at Zimmer so deserving of a lovely meal for all they do to save lives every single day… their work a blessing to this community!

Beth and Barbara loading the Loblolly Sleigh with foods, flowers and paper supplies… fun awaits at Zimmer.
And friends in the media cover our busy plans…

Met by staff, the Loblolly elves deliver their gifts.
The place where hard work and dedication bring hope to the sick…
And more arrivals on a cold winter morn…

Hospitality Committee and Club Members

The cloudless morning of March 4, 2021 and the lovely camellias at New Hanover Regional Medical Center welcomed our Loblolly Garden Club’s bringing of lunch to the staff of the Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit and the Epidemiology Department.

There, members met HEROES introduced by David Long the coordinator from the hospital. Erin Enders, Amber Mitchell, Alana McKeever and Janice Jackson all representing the Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit and Pamela Firetti representing the Epidemiology Lab. The joy of meeting genuine life savers serving each and every day the people of Southeastern North Carolina in the fight against the dreaded pandemic of the Covid-19 virus cannot be overstated. The pictures that follow show the club members offering simple thanks to this hospital staff for their risking all. They are young, they are smart, they are humble and they are HEROES…even one club member’s little Bailey the doggie joined in the fun gave the delighted staff multiple hugs and kisses. This project, one of the highlights of the club year, humbled every single one present, especially Loblollies Fran, April, Barbara, Marie (and Bailey) and Beth.