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Conservation Committee Tidbits : Check here often for more information and challenges from the Conservation Committee.

Challenge 1: This club agrees with Dr. Doug Tallamy who encourages doing away with a lot of grassy yard area and replacing with native plants, shrubs and bushes especially ones that bloom to provide varied animal habitat areas thus adding diversity in wildlife and acting to attract pollinators. This challenge also reduces yard mowing time!

Challenge 2: Knowledge of consequences is power to prevent and protect:

Challenge 3: The time is here to plan for ways to create backyard habitats for wildlife. Help is available at the newly added NC Wildlife Federation website listed below.

Challenge 4: Extending the time of gardening into the cooler seasons is both enjoyable and rewarding as a food source. Margaret Shelton owner of Shelton Herb Farm encourages planting various hearty herbs and lettuces that grow well in the cooler and even winter months and offer healthy, tasty additions to meals. See her resource website below and grow some winter treats!

Other Valuable Resources and Links

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