Photo Gallery

Hats of distinction created for the crowning of Club officers…

Quincy’s touching devotional

A delayed Installation of our Officers because of Covid 19

Members masked faces to protect one another during the fearful time.

A Salute to Soldiers long ago in Flanders Fields of WWI…


Words Worth Remembering…

Indoor Horticulture from Horticulture Chairman Quincy Parham and lovely words from Pearl Buck of memories worth keeping and sharing…

Mother’s Hands

I remember she used to often look somewhat ruefully at her hands, those beautiful, useful, roughened hands of hers, so strong in the palm, so unexpectedly delicate and pointed in the fingers; not small hands but having spare and well-shaped lines…It was always her plan that one day she would stop plunging her hands into this and that; she was going to wear gloves when she “gardened” and use cold cream and have really nice hands.  She loved the white hands of ladies, the skin soft and smooth and the nails pink and tapering. But if she ever remembered to put on gloves, as sometimes once in a long time she did, sooner or later they would be off and she would be grubbing about in the earth, looking up to say apologetically, “I seem to have to feel the roots are right.  They won’t grow otherwise.  And I do like the feel of the earth.”     Pearl S. Buck

A member of the Loblolly Garden Club wrote each day about her garden and the secrets she saw and learned from there during the long months of the Covid 19 pandemic. She shared her writings only with friends who were home-bound and unable to garden or to get out during that time. This led to her creating two PowerPoint presentations, The Secrets in the Garden and The Magical Monarch- Life Cycles in the Garden. The presentations were then given to the Garden Therapy Committee of the Loblolly Garden Club whose members have distributed them to teachers, long-term care facilities, the local hospital, local life care hospice center and to other friends. The pictures that follow are some of those who have received these writings and pictures for use with patients, residents and children.

Garden Therapy’s Mp4 Garden Therapy Presentations of the Secrets in the Garden and Life Cycles in the Garden are shared with David Long of Novant NHRMC Spiritual Care Dept .and below with Erin Gora of the Lower Cape Fear Life Care Center/ Hospice and with Amanda Powell of Trinity Grove Nursing Home in Wilmington.

During the year of the Covid 19 pandemic the Loblollies were unable to meet except via Zoom, which we used each month to continue both our executive and regular general meetings where we did not miss a beat with programs and projects. Twice during this time we used our club funding to bring lunches to two groups of healthcare workers in the dangerous brunt of help others sick with cancer or with the dangerous Covid 19 virus. We carried lunch and flower arrangements in December to the healthcare staff of over 70 people working at the Zimmer Cancer Center. In the spring with carried lunch to the Covid 19 Intensive care staff of New Hanover County Regional Medical Center. Both times these lunches were given with our great appreciation for the work these staffs do in such difficult times for healthcare to those in great need. They truly are the heroes to whom we all owe so much. Following are pictures of the Zimmer Center and the Covid 19 Intensive Care nurses accepting our lunches and our thanks.

Zimmer Cancer Center